One of the causes that I’m passionate about is therapy for our kidz and teens in the urban community.

Trauma doesn’t discriminate and it affects everyone. There are kids who suffer from physical abuse, mental abuse and emotional abuse. Do you feel they need therapy? What about the kid who sees violence all the time, do you feel they need therapy? Violence is a disease and whoever comes n contact with it is affected by it. In the urban community violence is the norm and so how can we stop the spread of this infectious diseases we continue to sit idly by and let it destroy lives? No, we get active because we understand the importance of addressing this challenge. That get tough on crime doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Before it become a problem lets address it and deal with these issues early on. Prison is filled with people who was abused, molested, PTSD and so on. The point is what if this program was available ? We could have saved lives on both endz. Don’t look at this as a me problem but as a us problem. Why, because they have this thing called the automobile where they can get in the car and drive wherever and victimize people, so yes, this is a us problem! I can remember the first time I seen someone dead, I can remember the first time I seen someone get shoot. I still remember what they were wearing and seeing them in my sleep. The physical abuse I suffered I still have scars and therapy was never offered, why? Hurt people hurt people and when you have unresolved trauma, it tends to come out at the wrong time. So very often you end up in prison and at that point the judge doesn’t care and you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. So let’s offer these services not only because it’s the right thing to do but, because it will benefit the public and reduce the crime rate.

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