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Where you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, no topic is taboo!

We are not about talking to talk; we are about promoting solutions!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, empower and wake people from the dead, give a platform to those diamonds in the rough, and upon doing so, they can shine bright as they give their poetic opinionz. Remember I’m not an activist, I’m a solutionist. For the challenges we face, as a whole, we will come up with solutions to solve them. With God as the foundation, we will be successful


We are accepting donation for expansion purposes to market and adversite this platform. Our goal which we will reach with your support Is making this blog and podcast number one. In return will give our believed brothers and sister a voice and platform. First on the agenda is a non profit, which would be a extension of the cause that are dear to my heart and that affect the community.

Poetic Opinionz Peaceful Assembly

Summary to the H.O.P. E bill of 2022

A bill to the congress

Senate bill

In The Senate of the United States

14th Jan 2022


The aforementioned bill is sponsored by Poetic Opinionz on behalf of the great people of the state of Illinois

The Preamble

A bill

To authorize the establishment of H.O.P.E Program engineered towards aiding offenders in the society in the state of Illinois To be presented to the U.S Senate and be enacted by the congress assembly of both legislative houses.


The HOPE bill. Prison Reform.

To authorize the establishment of the H.O.P.E Program engineered towards aiding offenders in the society in the state of Illinois

Justice for Henry Broomfield

n,1999 while in High school, I was charged and found guilty of the murder of the neighborhood bully.

Poetic Opinionz Podcast : Voices from Within

In prison you are blackballed, forgotten about, no voice and no platform, even if it has been years since you committed a crime. Society only sees you as that mistake. I know how it is to have something to say and no platform. For year rappers have been rapping about the life that thousands of guys have lived, that’s including myself but we had no platform to tell our true stories. Now we have a platform and you will hear from those doing time, have done time, or people who have someone currently doing time, You can now hear the change in their voice as well as the maturity. This is also good for our troubled youth to hear these stories to see how life is after you pulled the trigger or commit a crime.

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