The Why behind forming this Political Action Committee…

Whenever someone go to prison/jail in the age range of 18 to 25, they are placed in regular population with everyone else. Here is the problem with that; That age range is when the mind is still developing. So, while their mind is still developing, Why put these young men/women in a situation where they become better criminals? In prison/jail, you have career criminals who, can easily have a negative influence on our youth who, has so much potential to still be something great. Whereas, it will be in the public interest to provide behavioral modification programs, trades, and schooling. This method is way less cheaper, for it cost more to incarcerate, than to educate. So why are we still so quick to incarcerate rather than to educate? Various scientific studies have concluded that the brain don’t full develop till you are 25 years of age! So while their

brain is still developing, lets separate this age group and provide the above programs. Upon doing so they won’t be under the negative influence of the older crowd and we will be able to turn the caterpillar into a butterfly. A caterpillar cant become a butterfly without the cocoon, it needs that cocoon to develop. The same concept applies to this age group. They need to be separated and

placed in a cocoon where they can develop & become productive members of society. We need to extract the toxicity from their mind, deal with the trauma or any mental health issue they may have. Offer a trade and schooling to better prepare them once they are released. This will potentially be one less person we will have to worry about victimizing the public. Its better than just throwing him/her to the wolves! When I was 18 I was found guilty of murdering the neighborhood bully and transferred to Statesville Mx. Most of the older guys only talked about more drugs, guns and women! I took it upon myself to read and so many of the guys I came in there with got caught up. However, not everyone is Henry  So in the best interest of the public, support this cause by donating to this Political

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