Peace and Blessings to you all.

I have a question for you, yeah, I have a question for you!

Are you an Activist or a Solutionist? So many people these days call themselves activist, and basically what they are doing is practicing for a practice where they want to talk about what they should do as if it was a game. Let me say that again,

They are professional practice members, who talk about what they should do as a oppose to preparing for the actual game. They have perfected the art of practicing for the practice! I personally, am a Solutionist. 

I’m tired of all this damn talking. There are several issues that affect us all.  We could go on and on about those issues, where we find ourself in what’s important verses what’s urgent. What’z important is our youth & children ,they are our most

preciouz resource, why, they are the future. What’z urgent is our teens, who are at risk, and our youthful offenders that are incarcerated.

The brain doesn’t stop developing until you are 25 and you are a product

of what you are exposing yourself to. So, what’s the solution? What are your thoughts?

And I will give u mine next time with some dialogue,

I love y’all


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